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gb whatsapp pro v18.00 download Latest (Official) latest version 2024

download gb whatsapp pro v18.00 against ban latest version with direct link 2023 gbwhatsapp apk download

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Welcome to Android Tech Technical Website We will provide you with the latest version and the latest version and we will explain a summary on the GP and its features and will know about the common questions of some users and Watsab GP including: How to download the GP Watts program, how to download GP Watts Green against the ban, for Android, what is the difference between the application of normal Watsp and GP Watasab, how to update gb whatsapp pro v18.00 without losing cards, how do I update my GBWHATSAPP PRO my, how can I Download the latest version of GBWhatsApp, why not install my gbwhatsapp, how do I install the gb whatsapp pro v 18 apk download, and other duplicate questions about GP Watasab and how to download GBWHATSAPP.

Do you serve GBWHATSAPP application?
If you do not use a new gb whatsapp pro v18.00 program for all devices, do not worry about the GP Watts download and for mobile phone.

gb whatsapp pro v18

The gb whatsapp pro v18 for Android is the first modification to apply formal watsp and normally updated GbwhatsApp for Android until our time, can be GP and Watasab Pro like OGWHATSAPP program but it has a lot of advanced properties, where you will not need to uninstall an application Watsp In order to do Download Gbwhatsapp apk against the ban, GBWHATSAPP APK program has many wonderful features and we will talk about in detail in the next paragraphs.

How to download and install the latest version of gbwhatsapp Pro for Android v18

In these coming paragraphs we will recognize how to access your APK file, and you will tell you the following steps with everything you want to know about how to install a APK on your mobile and run it with full and updated performance. 

How do I download gbwhatsapp?

You can download the latest GBWHATSAPP and easily follow the following steps:

Click the gb whatsapp pro v18 apk download link that you will run down this explanation.
Go to GBWHATSAPP APK Download and click the download button automatically download.

How do I install gbwhatsapp v 18 ?

Once downloaded APK from GBWHATSApp APK Download, search for the file in your download folder or in any folder that you saves the downloaded files, double-click the file, and the installation process will begin to follow the instructions for smooth installation. 

Backup for gbwhatsapp information

The support can provide time with respect to the protection of messages that are interested in and gives you convenience to ensure that your talks are safe and safe more, their two ways can restore their own files, helping you continue to control.

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How to back up gbwhatsapp talks

Go to create a backup by entering setings and ones to chat and then backup.
Save this version on the phone memory directly or on cloud services such as Google Drive Google Drive.

How to restore conversations in GBWHATSAPP last update

  1. After you finish installing the new GP and the application you will find an exists in front of your home screen.
  2. Press the GP and opened icon.
  3. Allow the application to access images, media and other files on your device.
  4. Press and follow up and then enter your phone number and wait for an audio check.
  5. After you finish entering your data, the application will tell you that a backup was found.
  6. Press restore the backup and wait for the restore process.
  7. You will then find that your talks and your data.

How to activate GB WhatsApp?

Lots do not know how to download GP Watts for Android APK and install it, if you want to know the ideal way to download the GP and Green gesture we will tell you easy steps to download and install it.

First: Open the GBWHATSAPP APK file in APK format and also install through the instructions on the screen, and this may work in the same way as a normal Watts program

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Second: Storage space: The storage area is necessary to download and WWP GP green APK.
Third: Allow unknown sources: Activate the unknown sources option through settings.

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Click the download button and download the GP Watts for Android APK.
Installation: Open the place where GP Watts is downloaded to Android and click APK file for your installation.
Open the application: Click on the application icon to run it.

Enter your name and your mobile number to confirm your account, thus running GBWhatApp and numbers to use your mobile, then open the program from your baseline to use as usually used as a normal WhatsApp.
Log in: Log on to the WhatsApp account and enjoy the great features.

Where can GBWHATSAPP and set up?

If you are trying to download the GBWhatsApp program and start using it, you are most likely looking for a safe and protected place to download, and this usually indicates that you will want to download GBWHATSAPP APK and who will be installed on your Android mobile

Here at the Andred Tech website we update the latest GBWHATSAPP link to the latest and provide you the latest version of the GBWHATSAPP application.

What's new in GB WhatsApp 2023?

Download images and videos once.
View all messages sent by the contact in groups (press the name).
Option to change the color of the point alone (GB settings> Home screen).

GP Pro improvements
  1. Chat does not appear in the archive.
  2. Crashes when you try to archive a hidden conversation.
  3. Large empty space in hidden chat and archived chat.
  4. Lock the Watsab does not work in the style and secret number.
  5. Hidden conversation notifications do not appear.
  6. Hide the connection buttons from the conversation bar does not work.
  7. The mute code does not appear in the Cords tab in groups.
  8. Click "WhatsApp" does not open hidden chat on some phones.
  9. Options "Who can contact me" do not choose Contacts correctly.
  10. The random breaks were repaired after recording the phone number on some phones in Android 5.

Features gb whatsapp pro v18 apk download (new update) for Android

GB Whatsapp APK 2022 is built with many features and you can use all of them for free on your Android phone, here are the advantages of downloading GB WhatsApp for Android:
  1. Auto Reply: When you want to reply to any of your friends at any time, you can use the auto reply feature.
  2. DND Feature: If you are using some other app on your Android phone and you don't want WhatsApp messages to bother you, you can use DND feature to modify internet connection only with GB WhatsApp 3 app.
  3. Message Filter: Whatsapp APK 2022 GB allows you to use message filter feature, which gives you the option to delete chats and filter messages.
  4. Anti-Delete Messages: GBWhatsapp Last Version Android app comes with Anti-Delete Message feature, which invalidates and deletes messages sent to you by anyone.
  5. Cool Effects: Users can add cool and unique effects while sending photos and videos to friends.
  6. Deactivate Multiple Messages: GBwhatsapp mobile app adds a cool feature with which you can deactivate multiple messages at the same time.
  7. Send photo collages: By downloading GB Green WhatsApp, you can send more than 90 photos at a time compared to the official Whatsapp app, as well as 50MB of video and 100MB of audio.
  8. Many Themes: This version of GB WhatsApp Green app for Android offers many cool themes, emojis or stickers and WhatsApp messages that you can apply on your phone as you like.
  9. Download WhatsApp Case: Another great feature of the GB WhatsApp app is that you can download the images and videos of the status you have on WhatsApp, which means that from now on you will not need a program to download WhatsApp case on your mobile device.
  10. Cool Fonts: If you are tired of default WhatsApp fonts, using GB WhatsApp software, you will be able to choose the font you want and you can customize your favorite font through this feature provided by the application.
  11. Message records: You can check messages that have been deleted from your contacts and groups across this wonderful property.
  12. Select All Cords: By applying JP Watasab Plus for Android You can select all the classes simultaneously from the main screen.
  13. Hide Registration: GP Watsab has a great feature that enables you to hide the status of voice recording when chatting.
  14. Best quality image: By downloading gbwhatsapp for mobile you can send high resolution images.
  15. Notifications: The GP Watts application lets you receive notifications when anyone has on the watspace to change its profile image.
  16. Polarized notifications: Another amazing feature in GP and another version is that you can hide pop-up signals for the application from your main screens.

Download GP Watts for iPhone Without Giberic Direct Library

At present, the iPhone mobile phones have spread very largely and uses thousands of users this mobile, but they do not know how to download the GP Watts on iPhone, so if you do not know it and keep with me and follow the steps:
  • First open your browser and prefer Safari browser.
  • Press the button on the bottom to download the GP Wattab for iPhone.
  • After you finish and download the GP for iPhone, open for a file to install.
  • After finishing the installation process.
  • Run the GBWHATSAPP iOS program.
  • Log on to your WhatsApp account or create a new account.
  • Enjoy the application to collect its advantages on your iPhone.

Privacy and Watsab preparations

  • To show online or connected to the Internet.
  • To appear or hide two marks.
  • To appear or hide the blue marks.
  • To control the microphone settings.
  • Hide and appear audio recording.
  • Hide and emergence of writing now.
  • Schedule messages.

Benefits of using GBWHATSAPP APK new update

  1. It is easy to use.
  2. A safe version and against a ban.
  3. Contains unique and enjoyable features.
  4. Light and fast, we communicate with friends.
  5. You can use it to work or with your family members and communicate with them immediately.

Explain using GBWHATSAPP

The use of GBWhatsApp you'll find it is not difficult where it will only find new additions that we have explained before and puts you what the circumstances you should use to ensure you the property on confidentiality and to keep all calls, whether voice, video calls or video calls Of the effects, filters and many funny forms that can be placed in order to be placed in order to be cured with your friend and to talk to you via text messages and share with it all your interests and other files and others and this is what you provide and you can work on all that has been programmed to serve you and ensure you superiority On threats and to prevent incentives and their viruses from pulling media and withdraw all the data they exchange with those who love or any of the family, and the same conversation in the bar can control whether hide a person or name or prevent any information about Line and color condition plus it is safe on the device and does not consume spaces that may work on slow phone or other and provide 100% high degree of privacy and eventually we have to be in the transfer of information to you We will be putting all the data that has provided you to take advantage of them and keep the Covenant together always and mutual trust between us and reach us all the new in the world of applications and Android games. Thank you for your lasting support.

What are the platforms available and the
latest GP is released?
  1. Android.
  2. ios.
Download GB WhatsApp (Anti-Ban) APK
  1. Good access to the Internet (Wi-Fi connection recommended).
  2. Access the device location.
  3. Access the contact list.
  4. Access the device gallery.
  5. Identity of the device.
  6. Does not require the root of the device.
More Details About Download GB Watts for Android GbwhatsApp APK:

Application Name: GBWHATSAPP APK.
Android version: v18.35.apk
Route: Does not need to route.

download gbwhatsapp pro v18.00 latest version for android number v18 www.gbwhatsapp.com 2024

Download GBWhatsApp 2024 [Last Update]

OG WhatsApp Download APK 2023

FMWhatsapp APK Download FMWA Latest Version 2023

Common questions have some GBWHATSAPP users

Q: Why is GB WhatsApp on PlayStore?

Answer: It is known that the GP Watsab update can not be loaded on Android through Google Playsta Store, GbwhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp formal application, so can not be found in Google Play Store and you can get another update gbwhatsapp from our website .

Q: What is the original GB WhatsApp?

Answer: gbwhatsapp v18.00 is one of the most common applications at all and if you do not use it so far, you will lose a lot that is a simple application where you can chat with friends, video calls, media sharing and all interesting things that provide its features and performance and performance.

Q: Is WhatsApp GB safe?

The answer: Of course it is safe and I use this amendment for my business and did not have a problem using.
GbwhatsApp I hope you also enjoy features safely.

Q: Do you have to update JP Watasab for Android?

Answer: It is not necessary to make an application for application, but if you update the GP Watsab for Android, the application will be amazing.

Q: Can I open two Watts Account on my mobile?

Answer: Yes you can open more than one account for your mobile by downloading JP Watsab for Android.

Q: Is GP Watsab against the ban?

Answer: Yes application GP Watsab against the ban.

Q: What is the latest version of GB WhatsApp?

Answer: The link to download gbwhatsapp pro v18.00 latest version for android the latest version of GbwhatsApp is updated on this site continuously and you can get the latest version of GbWhatsApp when loading.

Q: Why is GB WhatsApp on my phone?

Answer: Go to your mobile and enter GBWHATSAPP settings, and then go to security and activate an unknown sources option, and will allow you to install programs that are downloaded from the stores other than Google Playstation.

Q: How do I use WhatsApp GB on Android?

Answer: You can use GBWHATSAPP all easy to use and the best application and you can download and start using it and enjoy its different features about Watsab.

At the end of our subject on GB WhatsApp: Hopefully, we may have anything to do in Watts APGP for Android, which provides you with security and many extra features that are not present in the official application of Watts as you will not encounter any security problems.

If you also want to get more extra properties, download and use Fouad on your Android, if you encounter any problems you can type in the comments below, we hope you have to enjoy this overall review of GP Watts, Watts APGP , GP Wattsab, download gbwhatsapp pro v18.00 latest version for android APK for Android.

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