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fmwhatsapp 2023 APK Download fmwa Latest Version

fmwhatsapp 2023 APK Download fmwa Latest Version

FMWhatsapp APK Download FMWA Latest Version 2021

Hello, dear visitors : Today I will present to you an update WhatsApp Fouad against the ban, the latest issue FMWhatsApp fm whatsapp

fmwhatsapp 2023

 It is a free WhatsApp chat and instant chat application, it is the first and a giant in the WhatsApp family that uses millions around the world and is available with many exclusive and distinctive features that many users search for

 You can now download the latest version of the modified Whatsapp app from the official app, with easy features and options for the app's users

 And gives them personalization, privacy and security and there are advanced procedures that give all users a better experience using FMWhatsApp 2021 Premium.

fmwhatsapp 2023 APK add-ons and features

1-  You can replace the green theme of the original app with the color you like and choose from the library.

2-  Add custom themes to your library, which has the ability to accept thousands of themes.

 3- You can customize all app icons by changing the colors and icon graphics.

4-  It contains an anti-deletion feature, which prevents the recipient from deleting your sent messages.

5-  You can choose any topic from the library that has a collection of more than a thousand topics.

6-  It allows you to share ten photos in one message.

 7-  You can share files as large as 700MB.

8- There are also many other features that you will discover yourself.

 Peculiarities of the new fmwhatsapp


1- You can add privacy tweaks to the app, allowing you to hide features like last seen, blue ticks, and double ticks. 

2- You can deactivate the video calling feature, which is not possible in the original app.

3- You can use app lock, which allows you to set an app password that is why you can secure your data efficiently.

 fmwhatsapp 2023 exclusive features

1- You don't have to save contacts to send messages. 

2- This application allows you to send messages to unsaved contacts.

3- The original app only allows you to install three chats, but you can install 100 chats using this app.

4- You have the possibility to change the colors of the groups, which are absent in the original application.

 What are the safety features of fmwhatsapp 2023?

1- There is a built-in app lock, which is not present in the original app.

2- You can secure the application with a password.

3- You can secure conversations by adding pins to the chat.

4- Increase limits This app allows you to send messages to a large group of 500 people.

 5- The original app only allowed 250 people.

6- You can send 60 images to a single recipient.

7- The original app doesn't allow this.

 Explain install fmwhatsapp 2023

 You need to follow the steps Open your computer Go to the Internet Open a web browser Go to Google.com Find the downloadable FM WhatsApp file Download the file Transfer the file to your Android phone Then go to the phone settings Then go to Security settings You need to enable the  "Install from unknown sources" After that install the setup file, after installation you can use the application.

 What is new in FM WhatsApp V8.26  Previous version

1- Base update 2.19.230
2- The feature of changing the background color of the case, changing the font colors, adding new lines and great shapes.

3- Floating button feature in the chat screen.
4- Emoji stickers feature.
5- You can add 1000 new cases.

6- Complete support and restore in any version of WA MOD.
7- Hide your online status.
8- You can hide the writing status.
9- Hide an audio clip is recorded.

10- Hide the displayed message.
11- You can also write a case of up to 300 words simply.
12- See messages sent to you without the sender's knowledge.

13- You can also see your friends ’statuses without their knowledge.

14-You can also remove the blue Sahih sign, because your friend did not know that you saw the messages sent to you.

15- You can switch to GIF format and vice versa, and you can also change your settings to control it like case, your last watch, and your payo is all you can do.

16- There are many additions and features that you will discover yourself.

FM WhatsApp APK Download official version 2022

Some features of FMWhatsapp Uptodown 2020

 Control the sending and receiving of messages:
 You can prevent receiving or sending unwanted messages and stop them.

 Send videos, pictures and audio:
 You can send large-size video clips, long audio clips, or send many pictures at once and in high resolution.

 Alarm feature:
 If the person changes the profile picture, you will be alerted immediately
 This is a very good feature and you can hide the Seen tag which is a real blue mark that you can remove so your friend won't know that you saw the messages he sent you.

 You can send any files like PDF, TXT, Docs and more.
  Copying and uploading cases, you can save the download and share your looks with your friends.

User privacy features: Install FMWhatsApp

   Hide online now:
It is a permanent feature in WhatsApp that hides your last appearance and also the connected word now if you use WhatsApp Fouad.

Hide that you've seen the status:
You can now enable the feature to hide the status from your friends or groups from the top menu, then hide the status display.

 Loading statuses:
Hide photos and videos from "Appears on WhatsApp" Only you can download your friends' statuses, be it a video or a photo to your studio.

Hide message receipt:
When this feature is enabled, the sender of the message cannot tell you that the message has reached you.

 Hide reading message:
  With Whatsapp Fouad 2022 , you can hide the blue readers from your friends or groups when they send you a message and read them. Save the chats in a zip file.

Hide when recording a track:
You can hide an audio clip recording from your friends or groups.

Recover deleted messages:
 Recovering deleted messages from friend conversations can do this by hiding the operation mark from privacy on your friends or groups.

  There are many privacy features you'll get to know that are easy to use and perfectly simplified.

General Settings:

You can restart FMWhatsApp at any time.

Dedicated chats for more privacy, notifications and automatic media download.

Sort messages by latest / oldest.

Do not disturb, DND option added to disable all incoming and outgoing SMS.

You can keep all archives complete and recover when installing FM WhatsApp.

Download fmwhatsapp 2023 against the ban Apk v90.50 WhatsApp FouadAkhdar

The name of the application:FMWhatsapp
Developer:Fouad Mods
Application size: 52MB
Application type:WhatsApp MOD
Version No.: V9.63

Download WhatsApp fmwa Plus the official alternative version v9.93 against the ban fmwhatsapp 2023

Download WhatsApp Fouad running a second number version v9.93 against the ban fmwhatsapp 2023

Download WhatsApp Fouad running a third number version v9.93 against the ban fmwhatsapp 2023

Download fmwhatsapp 2023 to run the third version of v9.93 against the ban Found YoWhatsApp

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